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You are...

You are a god among the world of stick figures...Castle is and shall remain part of my absolute favorite animations. You just keep getting better. This looks beyond the point of intense. Your music style and everything about this is fantastic. I hope to see it soon...if not, I have my animating to keep me occupied...Thank you for the experience of being able to watch such a great series

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Always awesome

You know one of my favorite things is that you show that stick figures can be much more than beginners make them...People have gotten tired of stick figures because all of the people who have no idea what they are doing with flash have put them through hell...One of your earlier reviews said that stick figures are a waste with which you disagreed and I think you are excellent person for doing so...I don't care what people say, stick figures in this style are very hard to work with...Now there is of course the other fbf stick figures which require almost no skill to make...This on the other hand does indeed...I have tried it...I just want to see anyone who thinks this is easy take the time to go back through each frame and add that glare effect or any kind of detail used that requires you to go back through each and every frame to pull off...Great work...this will never get old...Thank you very much for creating this excellent series

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Wow...ok...I have watched this four times and I am about to watch it again...it is hilarious and I have no complaints whatsoever...awesome sense of humor...this will probably brighten up even the darkest day...amazing work...simply amazing

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Bobert-Rob responds:

You memorized it yet? Heh. Thanks for the comment!


Amazing work...hilarious, re-watchable, unique...what else is needed...you really should come back to this sooner or later if you ever consider it...I watch this and wonder how you pulled it off...incredible

Nice work

Definitely the best flash I've seen in a while...predictable ending though...sad

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I've always liked this animation ever since I first saw it...It is an awesome idea and it looks really good...the sounds fit very well too...where did you get those sound effects? I need some myself. Awesome work

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Hilarious...yeah...a lot of people don't understand this humor...they are all like, "YOU SIKKO...YOU LIKE TO EAT BABIES!!! WTF...I GIVE YOU ZERO." I mean...just because you make a flash about something does not mean it is your hobby...seriously. IT IS HUMOR PEOPLE...DARK HUMOR...IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT...THEN DON'T WATCH...keep up the good work

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irrelivent responds:

Thank you, good sir.


This is good humor...its not the kind of laugh out loud humor that most would prefer, but it is definitely funny

Nice work

Some absolutely incredible work. I actually do still love sticks even after all of the trashy looks that people give them. Its hard to find good ones these days. I am somewhat new to flash and was wondering if I could get some pointers as to how you do some of your animations. How you do the blood so well, the way you work in the blur just right, and how to do the xiao xiao style animation...if not that is okay...i was just curious because that is not the type of thing that you can learn in a tutorial...nice work

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This was a very humorous submission

Extremely funny...this is some class A work right here...Raiden's flight had to be the best out of them all...Making another one of these would definitely be worth your time...very well done

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