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Not bad

A nice twist on TETRIS'D. I liked that you added your own style to it rather than just trying to rip me off. Thanks for giving me credit as well!

The sideways dodging really caught my attention because I was originally planning to do that in TETRIS'D 3. I still used that concept, but it was switched to something else.

Blocks slamming down as opposed to dropping down was also an interesting switch. It allowed for the character to appear as a bit more of a badass because we can't see it coming but he can.

Robots that are more rivals than behemoths. Well done.

A fun animation. Great work.

It's seeing that people still remember what I did that make me want to get to work on the next one.

Arch-Angel responds:



I look forward to the next one. Rock on, good sir!

Not bad

Pretty good review. I do have to agree, though, that Newgrounds should be used for animations. But how can I bash you for that after you gave me such great feedback? Awesome break down. I'm surprised that you didn't mention the music. I know I didn't make it, but for many it was what made the animation mean so much to them. Thanks again for the feedback. Much appreciated.

skellitor301 responds:

no problem dude, I do appreciate the criticism on the lack of animation and i do plan to add more animation ideas to the series, (here is a little spoiler for the up coming episodes) I will be adding my own assistants to the series via flash inserts.


Well now...

You even killed Bowser the same way I killed my robot. Actually, I guess Bowser wasn't responsible for his own death like the robot was. Interesting twist on my animation. It was a little slow at some points though. I feel as though you couldn't think of anything for Mario to do during those moments. Nonetheless, decent work. Keep it up. I hope to see some high quality spoofs from you in the future.

adscomics responds:

Okay, I just realized 7 years later you left a review on this , and I think that is super cool that the guy who made Tetris'd saw this. Despite this animation being utter trash and me no longer making Flash animations, it still means a ton to know that this got far enough to get even your attention! Despite me being very late, thanks for leaving your feedback!

Not bad

Thank you for the credit. As others have said, it wasn't all that funny. However it was pretty interesting to see some of the tiny references in there(like the oddly shaped tower towards the end). Good work.

Crazymonkey154 responds:

WOW thanks. I didn't know you'd end up seeing this (let alone reviewing it). but glad to see you did. The oddly shaped tower wasn't exactly intended to be a reference to your flash, but now that I think about it, I realize it could understandably assumed to be one. Also glad you liked it. And I got your PM saying there will be a sequel to your flash. GOOD LUCK ON THAT!

So true...

Very well done. It had a nice feel to it and the animation was brilliant. The problems with the NES were so true. Power cable falling out, that damn flashing screen. I have had so many problems with that thing. Wonderful work.


Well, I told you that I would check this out...and I did. Funny concept, disgusting though. I mean really...that would suck if that happened. The animation itself wasn't too bad. FBF is good stuff. It wasn't all that smooth, but you can definitely work with it. Decent work.

LoveShineHero responds:

It's a honor my cobra

Very well done

I must say, I was impressed by that. The lyrics you gave seemed so fitting. Very good job. A lot of laughs from this one.


A decent flash. Definitely not the worst I have seen. I know you can do better and I would like to see you try. Length is obviously an issue here. Also, a change of scenery is needed. I did like how there was always something happening though.

Insanimation responds:

thanks very much, definately a valid review, and one taken into account for further animations..


I like how each one has more action than the last...you are getting better. There is not very much I can say, but I still must ask that you spend more time on this. I know that you can do better and I will be waiting to see it...good luck!

Cladicus-Claveman responds:

nice thanx i think my next one should be even better

Not your best

I am glad that it wasn't badly drawn sticks but it wasn't your best. Still mildly funny. I would just say...work on it. My biggest problem with this was the way that the sound jumped in and out...honestly I can't stand that.....turning up the volume to hear what they are saying and then there is some loud sound effect...ouch

Cladicus-Claveman responds:

yea sum1 else mentioned that. i need a better microphone or sum audio editing software. I'll try harder next time i try sumtin like this... u think my stix r bad? sad to say they r my strong point

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