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Wax, you have always posted great stuff. This does such an excellent job of capturing classic Newgrounds. Good times. I wish things were still like that. Fantastic work! :)

Not bad

A nice twist on TETRIS'D. I liked that you added your own style to it rather than just trying to rip me off. Thanks for giving me credit as well!

The sideways dodging really caught my attention because I was originally planning to do that in TETRIS'D 3. I still used that concept, but it was switched to something else.

Blocks slamming down as opposed to dropping down was also an interesting switch. It allowed for the character to appear as a bit more of a badass because we can't see it coming but he can.

Robots that are more rivals than behemoths. Well done.

A fun animation. Great work.

It's seeing that people still remember what I did that make me want to get to work on the next one.

Arch-Angel responds:



I look forward to the next one. Rock on, good sir!

Not bad

Pretty good review. I do have to agree, though, that Newgrounds should be used for animations. But how can I bash you for that after you gave me such great feedback? Awesome break down. I'm surprised that you didn't mention the music. I know I didn't make it, but for many it was what made the animation mean so much to them. Thanks again for the feedback. Much appreciated.

skellitor301 responds:

no problem dude, I do appreciate the criticism on the lack of animation and i do plan to add more animation ideas to the series, (here is a little spoiler for the up coming episodes) I will be adding my own assistants to the series via flash inserts.


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This is actually a fantastically programmed game as far as aim and hit detection goes. Although the game gets much too hard too fast. I didn't even have time to find out if things changed at all. There aren't any options that I see because I died in less than a minute and I am very familiar with and good at these types of games. It looks like this is your first try so definitely an excellent job, in that respect. Good concept, bad execution. Awesome try though! Don't give up! :)

dereklarue responds:

Thank you for playing and reviewing! I'm not sure how I can make it easier while still keeping the harder game play style. The zombies come in pretty slow in the beginning and you are equipped with multiple guns to use from the start allowing seemingly fair survival (at least till round 10 if you only use the shotgun and machine gun). It can get hard and was made to be such, make sure you use your other weapons and upgrade them when you can as enemies gain more health per wave. Around waves 6-10 you will start to notice some background changes. Also, this is not my first game. Did you have any ideas on how I can do a better execution? Thanks again, every word helps! :)

Good choice of music, good concept...

I like the song and I like the idea behind the game, but it's way too hard to do anything.

Moving is incredibly difficult and therefore dodging seems impossible. I'm sure you can improve on this. Smooth movements and better jump physics would be very helpful.

Another problem with dodging was in the angles and timing of everything. Even if it was easy to move, there is no safe place to be in sometimes.

When it said that I won, I was very surprised and didn't understand the point of the bar at the bottom. Then I realized I could just run forward and beat the game right away.

Last note, the game starts paused. This means that the player has to right-click to even get to it.

I hope to see more in the future. especially an improved version of this. Good luck!

SunOh responds:

Once you figure out the pattern you'll be able to dodge it.
I'm not that good of a programmer.
Thanks, though.

Not bad

I think it's pretty good. I'm not too fond of how easy it is to get stuck though. Nonetheless, it's a nice and simple play. Definitely brings me back to the days of NES. From the look to the music, it's riddled with elements of those simplistic games. The ones where you could just sit down, play for a few minutes and then get on with your life. Nice work. I'm sorry people keep comparing your game to mine. Clearly you were not trying to copy me here.

easyname responds:

Thank you :)

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Excellent sound! Soft vocals against rough instrumentals. The contrast works extremely well. This is all what I have to say before checking out the source song, which I've never heard. Time to go check that out!

After listening to that, I can definitely say your additions make it a far catchier song. The original also uses the harsher instrumentals in a few points, but is more often a softer song. Still, I can see where you got the idea to expand on the sound that those parts of the song started to create. You took them and made them bigger, better. Well done, man! I'd expect nothing less. :)

Came out epic, man! Sorry I made you work so hard on this one. Haha. Great job, as always! :)

Great to finally hear some new stuff, man. Super honored to be one of the first to hear it, aside from yourself. Awesome sound. Extremely chill, yet also somehow epic. Definitely can imagine this as a fantastic background soundtrack. Keep it up and don't disappear again!!! Haha... look who's talking. :)

Parkerman1700 responds:

I don't plan to re-re-disappear! Thanks again for the encouragement and positivity. As always, you're the greatest!

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