I need the opinion of people...

2008-03-10 03:28:12 by cobra0528

I cannot do all of the chapters for this manga....I just counted how many pages there are and with how much I have done and how much is left...there is no way I can do it...If I were to make a summary of the chapters up to Hallow Bastion and then animate the rest from there...would people be okay with that? I just need to know because there is absolutely no way I can finish all of this work that is not even my story. Please give me an answer. That is the best I can give...a thorough summary. Thank you to anyone who responds to this.

EDIT: Due to the status of Ch.6-8 I have decided not to continue. Frankly it is not worth how much time it takes to animate with that drawing style. I am going to pursue my own works. Thank you to all who have enjoyed the Kingdom Hearts mangas.


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2008-03-10 06:17:22

That would be fine by me.


2008-03-10 17:14:26

yeah for sure do it r u gonna use voices in ur summary?


2008-03-10 22:01:16



2008-03-12 01:07:31

I see what your getting at, I believe you should continue with your project for KH. Maybe I over exaggerated with your work a little, I didn't mean to upset you at any cost. Since you have the ability to make such good work into a flash, perhaps you can continue on with your fan's work. I'm profoundly sorry about upsetting you in that particular way. Please forgive me. *Asian Bow*


2008-03-12 16:58:34

i know i have read the manga so a summary would be fine great job


2008-03-12 03:25:45

Considering that the manga is already a summary of the game, but still that long, you can definately summarise it. Maybe leave out a world or something.

Hey, did anyone notice that Oogie Boogie has 1 line in the manga but never gets defeated? Poor Oogie is so neglected :(


2008-03-12 21:18:24

It would be better if you did it all, but I myself don't mind that you do the summary. On the other hand people that haven't played the game or read the manga will be pretty lost even if you make a summary. So if you go ahead with the summary, make sure is a good one.


2008-03-12 22:32:27

It's all good. I think we all know how tedious animating can be sometimes. :D


2008-03-12 22:49:37

thanx for making the kingdom hearts animation, i was gona buy it but after seeing how freaking stupid it is im gona just buy grandtheft auto IV orGod of War(chains of olympus)

so umm, thanks for keeping me from making the biggest mistake of my young adult life.................................
.................................. and thats about it.


2008-03-13 01:46:13

Don't keep doing them if they are no longer fun for you and you want to pursue your own ideas and cartoons. Remember if it isn't fun anymore, then its work and it's not worth it if you no longer have a passion for what you are making. It's YOUR time and effort being put into these, not the people who say "yeah, keep going! I want more!" because they don't think about all the animating and drawing you have to do just to create something in Flash that looks good. Only make what you want and how you want. Don't let the masses control your actions on what to make next or how to make it. You're the only one whose life is being invested in what you create, so make sure you love what you're doing. So yeah, Just my thoughts :)


2008-03-13 16:23:43

aww darn...wait what if you got help?


2008-03-13 19:54:20

just abridged it.


2008-03-14 02:02:52

No why?! why oh why im a big fan of yours please dont give up on this its understanable to stop for awhile but dont give up!


2008-03-14 22:24:56

I wish you could do the whole manga but since you said it takes too long to finish the whole manga, I really wouldn't mind if you left out a few filler worlds but leave in all the important details and information.


2008-03-15 13:04:16

you keep talking about your own works... Well this is yours, regardless of someone elses story it is your drawing that brings it to life. You did something for me, you brought the same happiness i got when I played the game. I plead to you make more and maybe you will get your own series on Newgrounds and win some money. Don't give up you really inspire me, well all of us actually. Have you read your reviews?


2008-03-15 19:19:48

i agree with everyone else if you don't got the passion to do it, don't
your skills are amazing and could be applied to even greater things, like even your own series!!! i'm glad you see that too


2008-03-20 13:10:21

I hope you make more though. ^_^


2008-03-23 16:50:11

make more


2008-03-30 23:07:24

Youre the animator right? Do whats right for you :)


2008-04-11 07:04:58

its okay.. you can at least continue until end of book 2 or 3.or if it fits you better... make a parody rather than follow the story.. cause i know how long the story is.. and how LONGER the animted version would be...just hope you could finish at least 75% of it...


2008-04-13 23:59:48

I loved your series! Personally I'd love to see you continue on. :)

It's all up to you, I hope you will keep at it!


2008-04-19 18:08:09

I love your second one