TETRIS'D Will Return! But First...

2011-05-23 22:14:45 by cobra0528

Unfortunately, I've still not been able to find the time to begin animating the next TETRIS'D installment. Before I find it, I need to know what the fans of the series think.
There are many different ways I can go with the series, but there are two very distinct options that I must decide between:
Option 1: Keep the style the same. No face, no voice, accompanied by music.
Option 2: Create a completely new style. Different animation, more characters, faces, voices, plot and split into multiple parts.

It's a big choice for me and I don't feel I should make it without knowing what the people who love the series want to see. More of the same style or a style that allows some deeper story?

I'm sure you've seen that there are ways to tell a story completely visually. But I'm sure you've also seen the restrictions that come with it. There are certain pieces of the story that cannot be told without some proper dialogue.

The only other option I can think of would be to have another animation summing up the story that cannot be told by the normal animation style and then to create the next animation in the original style while integrating the previously unknown and deeper side story.

Let me know what you want to see. The choice is yours.

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TETRIS'D Will Return! But First...


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2012-09-29 14:43:43

Watched all of Tetris'D... but now I want even epicer foes, faster action, and most importantly, the same old style... it suits the series well =)


2012-10-14 10:17:53

Option 2, i chose!


2012-10-21 15:11:10

vocies and face besides that option 1


2012-12-22 00:29:55

THE WAIT IS OVER. I am going to send a private message to KOBRA editing to create tetris'd 4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10, witch will be the very last one. it will also be called T E T R I S ' D Falling.


2013-02-14 20:30:59

I say you do what you feel best, but surely keep the things like voice abstention, stick and tetris figures and the style of storytelling. You have this unique, great way to express it, without involving a text, explanations and whatnot, only giving the part of the story that needs to be told.

I would also like to take the opportunity to wish PiGPEN to consider his own retardation in subject before stating something like that. Clearly either he haven't seen the series, or was simply unable to catch the story behind.

cobra0528 responds:

Great input! Thank you very much. :)


2013-03-11 00:24:11

Stick with your style man, it's different than the usual animations people see and that's why they love your serious so much. And whatever you do...Do not Get Rid of the Music. It is AWESOME; that was my personal reason for falling in love with it. Carry On.

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you! :)


2013-04-20 10:56:11

i love your moviees i saw them on stick page i loved the game LET THE MOVIE LIVE

cobra0528 responds:

I certainly have high hopes for its survival!


2013-07-24 14:40:06

I love TETRIS'D, and I think that the original style is the best. Keep going.

cobra0528 responds:

Based on responses, I'll likely use the original style the most. Unless a switch in style is needed for progression. I know of a few spots where that may apply. Thanks for the input! :)


2013-07-30 13:27:29


cobra0528 responds:

I'm...unclear on this. O.O


2013-08-31 18:43:49

I've seen fanatic fans before but.....really artistofargoth?


2013-11-03 17:12:48

option 1 please


2014-04-04 16:07:46

I was joking, jjtninja. What I meant to say is option 1. That's simpler.


2014-06-05 23:45:29

Option 1!!


2014-10-31 19:42:05

Option 1 all the way...


2015-08-14 09:51:15

Option 1. I really like the Tetris'd series and I want you to make it the way it was.
(BTW I subscibed to your YouTube channel. IDK why you don't have a ton of subs already)


2016-04-20 14:17:04

It's been 5 Years, nothing has happened...