TETRIS'D Will Return! But First...

2011-05-23 22:14:45 by cobra0528

Unfortunately, I've still not been able to find the time to begin animating the next TETRIS'D installment. Before I find it, I need to know what the fans of the series think.
There are many different ways I can go with the series, but there are two very distinct options that I must decide between:
Option 1: Keep the style the same. No face, no voice, accompanied by music.
Option 2: Create a completely new style. Different animation, more characters, faces, voices, plot and split into multiple parts.

It's a big choice for me and I don't feel I should make it without knowing what the people who love the series want to see. More of the same style or a style that allows some deeper story?

I'm sure you've seen that there are ways to tell a story completely visually. But I'm sure you've also seen the restrictions that come with it. There are certain pieces of the story that cannot be told without some proper dialogue.

The only other option I can think of would be to have another animation summing up the story that cannot be told by the normal animation style and then to create the next animation in the original style while integrating the previously unknown and deeper side story.

Let me know what you want to see. The choice is yours.

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TETRIS'D Will Return! But First...


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2011-05-23 23:00:13

>Game about dodging tetris blocks.
>Add a story.
Are you retarded?

cobra0528 responds:

It was an animation first and there's already a story. A weak one. This is why I'm asking if people want a better one or just an action packed finish.


2011-05-23 23:38:55

Hmmm. That's a tough call.

The story you've hinted at has a Matrix/Resident Evil movies feel to it. I can see how it would be difficult to continue without voices based on the end of the latest Tetris'd.

I think what your fans keep coming back for is really the style of the Tetris'd videos. Stay true to that, and they'll be happy, voices or not.

If you do decide on adding voices, I hope you'll consider me! Here's my demo:
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/418899

I can also help you write and brainstorm ideas on where to take the story. Just shoot me a PM if you decide you want help.

- Matt

cobra0528 responds:

Awesome demo! It's starting to look like people want me to keep the style the same. I think I'm going to have to do the 3rd thing I said. I've thought it over for a long time and there is no way I can continue it without having something explain what the hell is going on. If you want, you can send me a message on how you think the story should be explained. Gah, this is gonna be a lot of work!


2011-05-23 23:42:35

keep the same syle its great as it is you know the saying "don't change whats not broken"

cobra0528 responds:

Thanks for answering!


2011-05-24 04:47:55

I'm a fan of story, characters, and dialog, but I also try to identify where it doesn't belong. Truth be told, I think that you're really over thinking it. I don't think it needs story development at all, folks don't love it because they feel like "there's some rich secret behind why all these blocks are falling".

I think if you did add a story, it would just be to help you come up with change of scenery, change up the action, different types of bosses or whatever. You could probably think that stuff up without a storyline, but a storyline might help you with the thought process.

But really it's your call, if you feel like you want to do some story stuff, go for it. Or perhaps you could create a separate series with loose tie-ins to the Tetris'd series, but the other series would be more story driven.

Anyway I'm sure whichever route you go it'll turn out good. If you want me to do some voice work for you, I'll gladly participate, just shoot me a private message thing.

cobra0528 responds:

Well I feel that the second I brought in the ship dropping the blocks, the plot has demanded more. Since I made Rising, there are some unavoidable plot points that need some dialogue. I think I've found a solution. One that shouldn't hurt the finale and only people who actually care about the plot will bother to take an interest in.


2011-05-24 05:31:23

well if you do action packed then with each new game you'll need something bigger more explosive. however with a story you can have filler but you have to stick with that story.

I'd say go with the action. But i think that you should leave the series alone with what it has. and maybe rework the tetris'd game and make it better.


2011-05-24 05:55:34

Well, you have changed the basic concept over the movies, the first was more action, more dodging blocks, while 3 and "Beginning" seemed more focused on... Do you understand if I say "Building"? Its seemed like you found the machines and constructions more interesting than the action.

With that in mind, its clear that your animation is evolving in its own way, and my suggestion is: Do what feels best for you. We'll like it either way ;)

cobra0528 responds:

Possibly the best comment I've read so far. Thanks for that!


2011-05-24 14:47:57

In my opinion this is something that wouldn't really benefit from having a plot; it should be kept strictly action. Maybe you could tweak the stick figures a little bit but other than that you should keep it the same.


2011-05-24 16:28:32

style with 3d Animation


2011-05-24 16:32:17

1 With 3D And the same song in Tetris Attacks


2011-05-25 10:07:10

Just leave it the same, some things are awesome just the way it is


2011-05-25 18:39:52

I want Option 1: Keep the old TETRIS'D style. Voices and faces just ruin the Tetris part, so I would advise against going with option 2.


2011-05-30 11:47:26

yeah, option 2 I believe would be best due to the end of the latest tetris'd, more characters would probably be in order. (If you don't mind, I have an Original Character that I believe would go well with the series. My O.C. is a normal stick figure with a dark blue hat that's turned backwards, he has a skateboard and is skilled in the art of sword-fighting. His name is Solo.) I agree with the idea of faces and voice acting, so I choose option 2. Have a nice daaaaaaaaaaay!~


2011-05-31 12:10:04

2 With Ninjas That Have Mind Control Power


2011-06-03 21:47:03

First let me start off by saying, DO NOT do it in 3-d. As cool as it may sound it will ruin everything, leave the 3-d stuff to pixar and disney.

See here's what I think. Your last animation, Tetris'd rising, was like a beginning to an end. The beginning had a good plot; Evil terrestrial invaders were invaded earth and kidnapping it's people, and within months the planet itself had been dominated. But the end kind of ruined it because the ending wasn't a real cliffhanger. It didn't leave me wanting more. It seemed like "oh well he's gonna get crushed" the end.

So here's what you should do. Sort of re-make Tetris'd rising and go from there. You cannot start a story without a plot line. You already have a good idea, now you just need to expand on that. It's not like I can tell you how to create, because if you just copied me it wouldn't really be creative would it?

So basically my idea is to take a step back. Use what you have, and use your own creative skills to do what YOU think comes next. Ask questions like "Why are the creatures invading?" and "Why are they kidnapping people?". Once you get your story, THEN animate it. Don't animate unless you know what you are animating first.

I think that you will know what is best for your series and this is all the advice i have to offer. I am confident that your next video will be your best one yet!


2011-06-05 13:14:00

Please keep the same style, I'm telling you, you've got to, it won't seem like Teris'd if it isn't, you really should keep the same style.

Tetris'd fan



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2011-06-20 15:00:23

Here's an idea: take a little bit from each choice. Have at most two more characters (each with a different color) in the series. You COULD give the characters faces but only if you decide to do close-ups of the characters.

Do NOT use voices. I personally think that facial expressions would set the mood without the need for dialog.

I think it's good to stay away from an elaborate story. What you gave us in the last episodes is good enough.

To sum it up, keep the elements from before, but make some additions like faces (of course, limited to close-ups), a couple more characters, and NO VOICES!!

That is all...


2011-06-28 08:21:38

i personally really like the style. i imagined what it would be like with faces and characters and stuff. this movie wouldnt work great with that. i say you should keep it the same.


2011-06-28 14:29:32

you should do it liek u have been doing it but branch it out more make it more exciting ive followed this since the get go and it fucking rocks man


2011-06-28 18:08:23

I think you should change it. I have enjoyed the past 4, and I like the style a lot, but the idea of the new style make me smile. Do it(even if it it means it will take longer)
P.s. PiGPEN... no need to be a dick.


2011-07-09 22:49:08

switching it up wouldnt hurt it bring more of a story if you think of it might help the story with charaters, dialoge


2011-07-10 02:57:32

In T E T R I S ' D Rising, there were multiple people being captured... Maybe have the original character meet up with others playing different styles, or even different games like tetris, say, pong.


2011-07-22 07:52:33

The third and first options sound good. Is there any way I could help out?


2011-07-26 13:50:16

Loved your kingdom hearts X3 AWSOME can you make more?


2011-07-26 15:17:46

Maybe you could do both?
Keep the style the same but add new characters and maybe a scene or 2 showing their faces. Personally I'd like to see some new characters while still staying true to the Tetris'd theme. Hope it comes out soon


2011-07-27 15:23:37

I say stick with action-centered videos, but as you did with 3, use the setting to tell a little bit of the story. Possibly a combination between 3 and Rising, where we parts of an overall plot through their influence on the action scenes, possibly with an occasional cut to something more story and less action centered, more akin to Rising than 1, 2, or 3.


2011-08-05 02:02:16

id say keep the same style


2011-08-05 18:01:41

A deep story with voices and stuff. But I like you to keep the style and action. Those concepts are strong, so I recommend you to keep the style and action. :)


2011-08-07 01:03:43

As much sense as it seems to keep the style, things can change for the better. I think more people, other people who were captured and he frees for instance, and some dialogue is always good. But keep the constant music in. A good distraction.


2011-08-07 20:41:49

I'd keep Option 1, THOUGH some deeper story. I mean we already have TETRIS'D RISING but... a backstory of the stick!


2011-08-07 20:45:00

So... more story, maybe faces for a few moments, DIALOGUE as well, and - more characters. Forgot that in my last comment, ADD MORE CHARACTERS.
Like, a slave of the Tetromino factory that managed to flee and... fantasy failure right now.


2011-08-11 13:08:18

it'd be awesome if you made a seperate flash to explain and then a action packed one like you said. perfect solution


2011-08-14 12:14:32

how good are you at tetris'd?


2011-08-17 14:02:24

Do a different style. Surprise us. It would be nice to change things up.


2011-08-27 17:07:57

Don't get too carried away. The formula is already fine, if it's not broken, don't fix it.


2011-08-30 23:46:32

A little dialogue wouldn't hurt hurt the vid, but don't push the envelope. Also, i'd prefer to see at least some tetris dodging, the portion in the 3rd was kinda skimpy. One last thing: Stick to blocks! the fact that the gun things in the start were shooting spiky things didn't fit with the rest of the movie, though it's okay if you keep the walls, platforms, cryostasis tubes, etc. non-tetris.


2011-09-03 19:31:22

good add more chars but no voices make it just speech related to objects to keep it the same although make like 3-5 people and animate what they do


2011-10-19 01:42:19

Option 1: Keep It Original!


2011-10-21 05:29:33

I defenetly suggest taht you stick to the style. Although stickmen are nothing unique, the combination of sticmen with falling blocks, martial arts and especially the music of Parkerman is fantastic. I wouldn't suggest changing the style or adding voices. The main focus point is the fantastic evasive style of your protegee and the determination to squash him with tetris blocks (which never suceeds).
So, as a fan of the series, I would rather see more of this, than a changed style with in depth story.
Did I mention that I think the music is an essential part of the series? One of the main reasons why I return to these movies is the music. I even downloaded them and hear them at work from time to time.

Nevertheless, you did a great work with your series and.. as you could have guessed... I love them.

Best regards,


2011-10-29 21:17:50

i think that you should keep the animation style and music style but add more characters, maybe voices and a story.

other than that you can make 2 versions of the series.
one version that follows option 1
and another that follows option 2.
but that's if you don't mind spending a longer time working on the series.


2011-11-15 19:30:39

I think you should add voices. It would explain a lot considering what happened in the last one. The story so far is awesome though. I wonder though where he went after the last one. Did he go to another planet and tetris follow him or did he go back down to earth and try to clean up the tetris?


2012-01-17 15:59:59

New Animation! More characters (AWSOME) Faces (Great) Voices (YES) PLOT(YES THAT IS MAJOR NEED :D)


2012-01-17 16:05:21

But thats just me ill still like tetris D no matter what :D


2012-01-24 18:06:17

will you still be making another one..?


2012-01-24 18:10:35

I also am a fan of the last few videos and believe that if you add voices, their wont be as much of the music and probably less action considering when the voices get put to use the chances of no action and no music will be reasonably high.


2012-04-01 16:19:46

You can call the finale installment "Tetris'D Falling"


2012-04-09 19:27:13

I would want to have it the same, No voices or faces. If you add voices and faces i don't people will like it as much as they liked the other ones.


2012-06-13 08:52:28

are you dead ?

cobra0528 responds:



2012-09-01 15:06:25

different animation? Maybe, i don't know what that's like, but i like it the way it is. maybe a spoiler for the new style and ill pass judgment on that. more characters? Sure, why not. combo ninjas can use each other to allow more possibilities. voices? No. i don't think so, at least. it'd make me lose interest. plot? You kinda already got one goin on with the tetrobytes takin over earth, i'd say carry on with that. Faces? Not necessary, but if you do it right it'd be nice. But I think we're all cool with stickmen. Speech bubbles work fine, for me.