YouTube, Facebook, TETRIS'D and Kingdom Hearts

2010-11-19 20:01:26 by cobra0528

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2010-11-21 18:13:10

Hey, uhh.... I don't have a Facebook beacuse uh..... It's retarded, but uh.. yeah, I want Kingdom Hearts Manga Series to continue! When I saw the first episode, I imagined a Kingdom Hearts II Manga Series made by you! And I thought that It could awesome!!

cobra0528 responds:

Well let's just see where things with the first one go, shall we? Then maybe one day... :)


2010-12-04 00:32:51

Tetris'd was epic! It was a super awesome. I mean no one could have come up with such a great idea of turning normal Tetris into a skill-avoid game with a stick-man in it, always trying to get killed by robots and blocks.


2010-12-08 01:31:51

gyaa plz make tetris the game 2


2011-01-17 19:06:40

i wanna try stick men animating so i did a test to see how i wuz. i was hoping for a pro animators opinion. what do you think? ec4f00536ef3adc11374008adf1097c
this is my first try of course.

cobra0528 responds:

It's short, but it looks pretty smooth. Not bad at all.


2011-01-15 07:26:33

Are you still active on newgrounds? O.o

cobra0528 responds:

I haven't posted any animations in a long time, but I come on here every day.


2011-01-27 11:11:28

D: WHY'D YOU STOP THE KH SERIES?! THIS MAKES ME REALLY SAD! KEEP DOING IT!!! I WILL BE YOU MOTIVATOR ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER UMPTEEN MILLIONS OF FANS! Everyday, I'm gonna leave a post or PM you to keep going on with this series! And I don't care how annoying it gets, it's the fans' job to keep motivating you! SCREW THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED POORLY ON THAT GAVE YOU A BAD RATING! THEY HAVE NO ****ING TASTE! PLEASE keep it going!!!
P.S. ...please don't block me from your page. :3


2011-01-31 23:03:08

kingdom hearts is awesome!


2011-02-09 00:57:59

YEAH KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-03-09 03:14:01

Hey, I don't have a facebook, so I won't be able to support the kindom hearts manga series on facebook, but I have subscribed to your youtube account. I hope that you will continue the kingdom hearts manga series one day.


2011-05-07 09:14:38

Hey Cody... i subscribed to your YouTube and i even made a blog post on my userpage telling people to subscribe to you... isn't that nice?


2011-05-06 07:59:24

I "liker" you facebook page! Ur an awesome guy. Remember watching your T E T R I S ' D in 2009. And now I saw rest of them... you are a great animator!


2011-04-26 21:52:28

Hey Cody.

Most of us Newgrounders are crazed at the idea for a TETRIS'D 4 and an Anger of Animations 4.

So what do you want to do first? I'm not going to pressure you. TETRIS'D 4 or Anger of Animation 4?


2011-04-22 07:06:30

i am not going to talk about YouTube, Facebook, TETRIS'D and Kingdom Hearts but could you please teach me how to make an animation i beg you


2011-04-14 13:09:42

You HAVE to make a Tetris'd the Game 2!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO!!!!


2011-04-14 12:13:42

I'll tell you what you need to continue, the hearts true darkness! That looked amazing but you never continued it :(


2011-04-05 21:27:57

great to see you doin' fine. I've subscribed to your YouTube channel: I'm k6ka1 on YouTube :)