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Youtube, Facebook, and Website

Posted by cobra0528 - January 30th, 2010

Come and support me on Youtube!

Kobra Editing now has a Facebook page!

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kobra-Ed iting/188000046781
Check out my website!


Comments (26)

Heh, i don't have flash so i can't join the Tom Fulp Collab,
but i have a question: Is the next T E T R I S ' D going to be T E T R I S ' D 4 or something else ?

Something else.

just wanted to say i love your work ;) keep it up!

T E T R I S ' D 3 was amazing..... glad it finally came out yesterday!

Can't wait for next one
Awesome stuff
Also the low score is down to peoples audio not workin on the site :(

Man I love Tetris'D 3!

Took a look at your response.....

"There is another animation being released on the 6th. There are actually three themes to Tetris: A, B, and C. A is the one everybody knows. B was better suited to this animation. C is just...C. You can find them online somewhere. Parker sure does know how to make good music, indeed. I trust that you won't be making any more Madness spoofs of these?"

OK, I never knew there was a theme C either, lol. But on the contrary to the last part of your response, watching T E T R I S ' D 3 got me, to some degree, more likely to make a sequel to the spoof I made for MD2009. I can't say I know whether or not I'll actually do it again for MD2010, though.

Sorry if you didn't want that, but dammit man your flashes are so good they inspired me! If it weren't for you and making the original T E T R I S ' D, then I don't really know what I would've done for MD2009 now.

I have to say, the music in the original episode was the best. The track in T E T R I S ' D 2 was also good, but not REALLY as good as the one in the first.

And before you mentioned "Theme B", I couldn't even see how the track for T E T R I S ' D 3 was even REMOTELY Tetris-like, lol.

Odd, as your animating skills goes up for that series, the music choices go down..... gradually..... Don't get me wrong, Parker made a good track for it, but it wasn't anywhere close to as good as before.

By the way, when you said "There is another animation being released on the 6th.", you aren't saying that there will be a release of a T E T R I S ' D 4, are you? Just unsure..... Good Luck either way!!

I'm not saying TETRIS'D 4 for a reason. Wait and see! :D Also, you can make another spoof if you want. I was just messing with you.

Is it going to be Tetris'd: The Final or The Movie? Lol it might be a final. Anyways your animation certaintly has improved great work on the action in the movies.

Thank you. It's going to be an animation, that's all I can say. The final one? I don't know.

are you making another T E T R I S'D game with those tetris block robot thingys to fight?

dude teteris 4 was awesome only the first coments where crappy look at them now please dont stop making them it was compltly awesome when i saw it people are stupid your flash was awesome you have a great gift if you are gonna make antor one can you tell me watz it about and nuber 3 noth ing was wrong with it it looked like he had a spine unlike the others great job keep it up!;)

no one is saying it right...Tetris ' D Rising was awesome!!! :O

Tetris'D Rising was awesome, but I want a Tetris'D 4. I'm not disappointed though. I'm always willing to see more of Tetris'D. :)

finally a flash that dosnt have to do with tetris

i am sorry about the anger of the animation but dont take other peoples ideas may be you could make it in an ocean or lava or you get it.

Whatever happend to "anger of animation"?

the two new tetrisd movies are so amazing. simply epic.

look pretty good!!!

I posted something on the thread (collab section). Check it out.

So, what about tetris'd 4? you said that you didn't know about when it would come out, or if you would even make it... I could've sworn you said something about 3 not being the end :D keep me updated :D

omfg lok at the medals you got.I think you made your account on 2004.

hey dude, i was thinking (im sorry if this sounds very blont and stuff) that if you seriously have stopped making the kingdom hearts anime, maybe you could let me continue it for ya?
i havent got flash yet, but i know all the basics, and i think i can handle it and will have enough money to buy the program soon... the only question remaining is, would you be cool with it?
its just, i think a lot of people (including me) would like to see a continuation, and as you dont have time for it, maybe i could do it for you?

I'm going to have to say no. This is only because I want to keep the option open. Especially right now. I am in a state in which I cannot think of any new ideas. Thank you for asking me first though. That's very kind of you.

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