TETRIS'D 2 and a Game

2009-09-26 18:20:30 by cobra0528

To anyone who has seen my animation "TETRIS'D", I will be posting a sequel on October 3rd. So keep an eye out for it! Shortly after the animation is posted there will also be a game. The release date for the game will be seen on the menu of the animation. Spread the news!

TETRIS'D 2 and a Game


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2009-09-26 18:24:31

Will the game have medals ?

That would be AWESOME.

cobra0528 responds:

It will have in-game medals, but not NG medals. Maybe we will add some when the system leaves beta and goes public.


2009-09-26 18:32:48

It's pretty cool that there is gonna be a game for this. Especially with all the reviews saying that there will be a game.


2009-09-26 18:43:28

Awesome, I loved Tetris'd!


2009-09-26 18:57:02

Sorry, but what exactly will the sequel do that the original didn't already do?


2009-09-26 19:44:11

¡Olé! =D..... We'll see how it turns out.....


2009-09-26 20:52:26

What is teh game :D

cobra0528 responds:



2009-09-27 07:42:52

Cool, I adored Tetris'd


2009-09-27 10:49:33

YAY tetrisd was like my fav movie ever


2009-09-27 11:30:46

there will be a tetris game?! HOLYFUGNSHIT!!!111
that will propably be the best game EVUR!!!111111


2009-09-27 11:49:33

can you make tetris'd the game?

or maybe add a intense tetris block fighting scene with tetris'd 2?

cobra0528 responds:

They are both already done


2009-09-27 12:26:51

I just watched TETRIS'D again, and I remember why I favorited it. It was awesome. I love the camera movements, and I like how the blocks fall to the beat of the music. I can't wait to see what the next movie is gonna look like, and I am already thinking about what the game is going to look like.


2009-09-27 13:51:11

That's definitely going to be fun I can't wait. I love a good dodging game and if it will be anything like TETRIS'D that makes it even better. As long as it isn't as difficult as the tetris part in I Wanna Be The Guy. In fact nah I hope it is it was fun as hell getting past it.

Keep up the good work bro.


2009-09-27 15:43:52

loved the vid!
the game will (probably)ROCK!


2009-09-28 01:24:08

I can't wait ^_^


2009-09-28 12:20:30



2009-09-29 13:33:26

Um... The game is already done then? Cause you didn´t replied to my PM -.- :D

cobra0528 responds:

Yes it is done. Sorry if I didn't reply. There is a daily message send limit, so I'm not able to send anyone messages for a while.


2009-09-29 15:02:00

cant wait


2009-09-29 19:46:30

Cool, #1 was awesome, also will you be makig anymore of the Kingdom Hearts series? I lve the games, and I love your animations from it.

cobra0528 responds:

I don't plan to, but you never know


2009-09-29 22:37:36

Dude, Thats sick, thanks a ton for sending people this


2009-09-30 06:56:19

I'm looking forward for this


2009-09-30 08:33:14

Wow, i can't wait for it! I love Tetris'D, so Tetris'D 2 will be super-incredible... and a game! a game with achievements... cool :P

cobra0528 responds:

Only in-game achievements. Maybe we will add NG achievements when the system goes public.


2009-09-30 15:47:51

Damn, I won't be at home when you release it, oh well, I'll see it when I get back.

(Updated ) cobra0528 responds:

Nooooo!!! You better be sure to watch it right when you get back! If you don't then you can expect evil bunnies to invade your home while you sleep.


2009-10-01 01:33:29

Just found your message. Thanks for the heads up! I look forward to it.


2009-10-01 17:33:39

I can't for it to come out! I hope I'll be better then TETRIS'D.


2009-10-02 16:48:52


cobra0528 responds:

I know!


2009-10-02 20:10:58

hey cobra0528 this is me thank you for sending that pm peace!!


2009-10-03 02:17:49

Tetris'd was awesome, i hope 2 is gonna be even BETTER than just awesome :D
And can't wait for the game :D


2009-10-03 05:14:23

Seriously, release it already! :D


2009-10-03 07:53:38

It's October 3rd and I don't see tetris'd 2. I'm disappointed.


2009-10-03 08:26:05

How long does it take to be under judgment? Like it just got submitted.

Anyways, I'll be looking forward to it... This afternoon or later on. :)

cobra0528 responds:

200 votes. It depends on the speed at which people vote.


2009-10-03 08:27:45

omfg its coming today :D! i cant wait!


2009-10-03 09:59:49

Um... incoming!!! (tetris´d 2)
What about some new web page?


2009-10-03 11:10:03

dude your animations are awsome and i think you should keep going so good job, and as shakespear said somepeople are born with greatness, somepeople have greatness and some people have greatness thrust apone them.


2009-10-03 12:37:22

i cant wait


2009-10-05 10:59:41

awesome!!! im so exited
i have a question or 3
1. does the game have the giant robot
2. does it has ragdoll fysics
3. does it have blood in it? like : you get crushed by a tetris block ?


2009-10-06 19:39:57

Loved Tetris'd 2!

Am I the only one that thinks that robot looked alot like Unicron?


2009-10-08 22:27:10

Hey man, dunno if you remember me, but I'm a fan of your first T E T R I S ' D. I have to say, your sequel was pretty good, but I have to say I kinda liked the first one better...

Saw you "My Newgrounds" animation awhile ago, never commented. Kickass bands you listen to, man. Try Papa Roach, they've got some sick tunes