Hello people

2008-11-23 23:44:15 by cobra0528

Since I have decided to cancel my KH manga series, I have been considering what else to do. You can look forward to:
-a Kingdom Hearts spoof
-an animation about a mime
-Anger of Animation 4
-and a possible remake of The Heart's True Darkness


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2008-11-24 00:18:29

Flash artists ain't under contracts so they can pull out at any time they like.
A big percentage of people do so don't be ashamed.

cobra0528 responds:

I know


2008-12-02 13:27:14

nooo, please dont cancel it :(
its so great

cobra0528 responds:

I had to...I am very sorry


2008-11-27 18:27:44

KH Spoof=Bad idea.

Your just too good an animator to let it be a simple animation. 90+ hours went into those unnoticed KH flashes, and the last one didn't even win one fucking award. The best thing you can do is to find a new series OR enter a contest on Newgrounds (Pico Day, Madness Day, those are extremely popular), and if you get a hit flash on a contest day, your other work will get noticed, and then maybe people will start looking forward to a KH flash. There'll probably be a Christmas contest soon, and if that's the case...

cobra0528 responds:

Haha...I didn't get this until it was too late. You were right...


2008-11-30 11:28:32

Why are you cancelling it?

cobra0528 responds:

Because of bad feedback


2008-11-26 23:09:20

a mime is a terrible thing to waste...

Anger is one of the greatest emotions ever

and yes to the first and last....


2008-11-24 11:41:44

Do a spoof


2008-12-02 15:27:47

i am lookin 4ward to anger of animation4

cobra0528 responds:

I really hope I can eventually find the time to work on it


2008-12-11 09:30:26

Anger of Animation 4 please :)


2008-12-11 09:21:53

Well, I enjoyed your series.. Too bad you canceled it.


2008-12-10 17:05:09

Your sooooooooo awsome dude!!! :D


2008-12-10 17:06:35

Can't wait for Anger of Anim. 4 :D The others are soo awsome!


2008-12-06 16:19:11

Are you kidding me? The one you recently sent had positive reviews and is rated 9.01! That doesn't sound like bad feedback.


2009-01-04 19:01:16

Its funny, but I think your scores are going up bit by bit. I just hope its not only me thats doing that.


2008-12-27 04:29:10

Will we see another episode of Those Two Guys?

cobra0528 responds:



2009-01-13 22:35:51

It's a shame you're ending the KH Manga series. I just found out about it and I think you're doing a great job at it. But I will say that whatever you do now, I hope it's what makes you happy.

cobra0528 responds:

How very thoughtful. I thank you.


2009-01-31 06:21:17

Why?!Why would you cancel it?!

BTW,good look on everything! :D
i'm not mad or anything.I could continue reading the manga anyway.
I know you feel tired making those KH flash.it must be hard.
see ya!^_^


2009-01-31 20:04:13

This is the right decision you make beside KH spoof is better when its funny


2009-02-02 03:19:57

i love yur animations!!
especially yur Kingdom Hearts ones!!
hey let me know if yu need someone else to voice act alongside ya!!
i'd be happy to lend my voice!!
hope to talk2 ya soon!!
-canada92 :D


2009-02-04 03:00:20

some people on newgrounds and youtube thinks you should make more kingdom hearts flash. if you got that time when you are done with the other things you are doing.


2009-02-08 06:39:03

Ey cobra, i like your style! ;) I just want to say: thx for making Anger of Animation 4. I can not wait! :D



2009-02-09 00:36:18

I would watch your kingdom hearts stuff, if I had played the game.


2009-02-09 17:11:29

that should be a newgrounds commercial lol


2009-06-16 22:04:53

I just saw your KH manga animations today, and then I saw this and I felt pretty bad that you canceled it. Its a very well done series, and I was really wanting to see more....