My next animation...

2008-04-27 03:48:22 by cobra0528

I was thinking I would animate a lot of very short, straight to the point, funny clips using ideas that I got...if you want to give me a short, stupid, and funny idea then tell me here. If I like your idea and I use it then I will put your profile name in one corner of the screen to show that it was your idea. Also, if you think this is a stupid idea then tell me. Remember...I will only use the ones I like. Thanks!


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2008-04-27 06:13:09

Make a serie about two guys looking for a gnome that stole their banana.


2008-04-27 07:44:39

G'day Cobra0528

Heh... Not a bad Idea, lots of people are doing it, why not you?! I guess... Heh. Anyway for an idea, I guess I'll try and think of one to help you out man.

-Zabre1 (Mathew Z)


2008-04-27 08:09:43

Hello my name is supreme-arcmage i was one of the people you replied to with your anger of the animation 3.
One of the ideas i had was about zombies i have tons of ideas on how to make them seem even more stuiped(which cant be that hard) if you are interested send me a pm.
I cannot work with flash i cant draw lol


2008-04-27 11:06:11

i think you should have a trilogy for the hearts true darkness


2008-04-27 15:15:33

how about a stickmans girl gets robbed like princess peach
but learns shes actually cheating on him

then tries to jump in front of a car but it brakes b 4 it hits him then gets hit by another car


2008-04-28 01:34:58

Hello just here to remind you about my zombie idea i gave you the one about how everybody knows what to do in a zombie apocolyps.


2008-05-01 00:06:40

I'm kinda disappointed not to see Anger of Animation 4 here, but I don't blame you for wanting to do something else. I've always wanted to use this dialog somewhere, so I'll suggest it here. something along the lines of:

[scene starts with blood stained walls, a few corpses lying around and three people]

victim: why are you doing this? why all of the murder?

assassin 1: I don't like to call it "murder." it's such an ugly word. I prefer "population control"

assassin 2: really? I call it target practice.


2008-05-03 00:02:56

hmmm... gimme a while...


2008-05-03 12:54:27

I think you should do something every guy will think about. What is it like in the girls bathroom? Like do a whole thing where a boy gets in the girls bathroom and there is like a womens wonderland in there. Explaining why they always go in groups looking mad and depressed and come out like they just got back from disney land.


2008-05-03 23:14:22



2008-05-05 13:39:53

i hope it will be good! ( i bet it will )


2008-05-05 22:54:47

i think u should make a story about a guy that likes a vampire girl that walks down the street and she goes to his school but he is to shy to tell her plez mkae plez thax :)


2008-05-08 10:53:43

okay how about a guy who builds a time machine and goes back in time but accidently spills beer on the control panel and goes back to the dinosaur ages
he looks left and sees a giant strawberry he shrugs then the strawberry takes out a gun and blows the guys head off.
then the camera zooms in on the strawberry and theres a line that saysjoin the army .... or else


2008-05-10 11:38:05

Ok, I await your next installment man!


2008-05-11 11:31:56

I dont know if its funny or anything but I was thinking like
A group of people at a bar talking about how cursing was only fun when you were a kid cause it felt like you were breaking the law, if your parents heard you say shit like that they would freak, so one of them gets the idea that it would be a rush to go to church and start cursing, so the group goes to church, and start cursing out loud and then the one who had the idea goes up to the priest and says "whats up bitch!" and so on, if your interested im writing up a script, hit me a PM


2008-05-11 11:32:35

But good luck with this!


2008-05-09 23:16:36

Me again ^.^ ! I would like to say that whatever you put in that flash you are making will be just hilarious. Just a thought, but what would it be like if you turned one of my zany comments into a flash? Remember, the ones on your flash series, Those Two Guys? I'm certain that you could definatly make something zany and hilarious from those comments. PM me and let me know what you think about it, k?Can't wait to see this flash! Flash critic, AWAY!!! *flys off*
XD LATER ^.^ !


2008-05-11 20:29:54

Warning!: this is pretty messed up idea. i was thinkin, wat if a litter of puppies are wondering a ditch and one sniffs around which leads him to the road and he gets hit by a car. the other puppies are concerned and go over there and are like whoa are you okay..a few seconds later BOOM! the whole litter is gone. then you hear that womp womp wooooooomp background sound......told u it was messed up


2008-05-13 19:09:48

You're Anger of animation series is awesome!


2008-06-05 11:01:06

a zombie had comed but the human is frightened.... so the human runned!! but the
zombie said... "guess he don't like pie"....


2008-05-31 12:09:27

do a series betwawen naruto102 vs admins of newgrounds or a series of naruto102 vs Sinitron


2008-08-04 15:27:21

just a quick animation of 3 gerbils on fire running in a circle around a dead cockroach

-Alex Burress(Alex Burntass)


2008-10-01 02:59:46

do something like two gay cowboys eating pudding


2008-09-03 20:27:47

How about this: Goku and Vegeta apear on the screen, both look serious, looking at each other, then Goku says "Why do we have to stare at each other like this?" Vegeta answers "I dont know they do this in every battle and they waste 3 whole episode looking at each other like were a bunch of fags" "Fuck that shit, and why the hell is my wife called Chi chi, wat the fuck does chi chi even mean?!" "Yeah, bull fucking shit" "Yeah...." "So... what now?" "I think now is when we get fired" "Yeah probally...." "Gay" "Totally"

Or: Sora enters the the scene "Omg so many places to go, so many doors, lets go inside this one, and fight 1000 monsters and then come back and go through the other door and do the same thing!" Donald then says "Yeah... wait wtf? This is bullshit its the same thing over and over again, alot of places to go with 1000 monsters and if come in and out the monsters magically come back to life, fucking bullshit" Goofy then says "Yeah fuck you Sora go on and cry about your friends like a little bitch, fuck you, cya later bitch" and they leave and sora says "Fuck"

Hope you like!


2008-08-28 22:57:27

Its kinda funny how you keep getting reviews worshipping you, but so few of them. (Please do somethign for madness day, im sure it would be awesome)


2008-09-02 23:54:42

jimminy criket singing wish upon a death star.

jimminy cricket sings wish upon a star and darth vader blows him up using the death star


2008-10-05 14:07:34

your still one of my favorite artists on this site man way to go!
and why don't you do this sketch with a rainbow land theme and a purple pony with some random lepricon eating a banana while swearing and dancing


2008-09-07 17:18:26

This'll sound a little weird, but why not make fun of Stupid shows? Like say...
Pokemon parodies? Or a video game parodies? Like Mario telling Peach to stop getting captured or something?


2008-08-29 13:56:03

hey, why do you not make a game about "the anger of the animation" every one are gonna love it! you can do like you can choose which one you wan't to be the animation or the animator!


2008-10-03 08:22:52

why dont you mix anger of animation with a sprite movie.You can make a sprite of your own.Cant you?


2008-11-03 05:46:04

You rule!


2008-11-04 03:04:28

Maybe you should follow Grumio's example and make something similar to his flash "No Respect" he used the audio of a 64 Video Game called Conker's Bad Fur Day if you watch it you'll get the joke.


2008-11-07 05:50:07

Great idea I love it!


2008-11-12 23:22:00

Okay since you don't find my comments helpful I'll have to make one that is.
Frankly at the moment I just want my name on your news entry is that too much to ask?

1# Perhaps you could make something involving around a energy drink.... uhh mayber something along the lines of Nintendo Vii? It could provide you with a new way to drink soft drinks...? NAHH!

2# Just do something that's never been done and the only keyword of it's kind!!!!!!


2008-11-21 02:25:45

A group of bloodcells doing yo mamma jokes.


2008-11-19 18:10:59

hi, i´m T8gt0, you might put a new vid of kingdom hearts, or put another anger of animation, but, work with noogai(another ng user with same idea) put the animation, (obiously) and then put an army of other animations, utilize photoshop window, madness, or something else, thraw the ng tank as one of "the army of animations", put some cliches, errors, a worked background.

I will continue it later, till´ then, take care