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What next?

2009-02-09 23:15:23 by cobra0528

Ok so I am torn between remaking The Heart's True Darkness and starting Anger of Animation 4...what do you think?

Hello people

2008-11-23 23:44:15 by cobra0528

Since I have decided to cancel my KH manga series, I have been considering what else to do. You can look forward to:
-a Kingdom Hearts spoof
-an animation about a mime
-Anger of Animation 4
-and a possible remake of The Heart's True Darkness

My next animation...

2008-04-27 03:48:22 by cobra0528

I was thinking I would animate a lot of very short, straight to the point, funny clips using ideas that I got...if you want to give me a short, stupid, and funny idea then tell me here. If I like your idea and I use it then I will put your profile name in one corner of the screen to show that it was your idea. Also, if you think this is a stupid idea then tell me. Remember...I will only use the ones I like. Thanks!

The Anger of Animation 3...

2008-04-26 19:10:35 by cobra0528

Has been released!...I hope everyone likes it

Who would like to see it? Shall I make one?

I need the opinion of people...

2008-03-10 03:28:12 by cobra0528

I cannot do all of the chapters for this manga....I just counted how many pages there are and with how much I have done and how much is left...there is no way I can do it...If I were to make a summary of the chapters up to Hallow Bastion and then animate the rest from there...would people be okay with that? I just need to know because there is absolutely no way I can finish all of this work that is not even my story. Please give me an answer. That is the best I can give...a thorough summary. Thank you to anyone who responds to this.

EDIT: Due to the status of Ch.6-8 I have decided not to continue. Frankly it is not worth how much time it takes to animate with that drawing style. I am going to pursue my own works. Thank you to all who have enjoyed the Kingdom Hearts mangas.

Kingdom Hearts Ch.6-8

2008-02-22 03:40:13 by cobra0528

So to all those who asked me to continue with the series I thank you for your support and have just decided to continue. I haven't had the time since I made the last one, but I will try to find it. Know that it will be a while until I finish. Thank you everyone. I will be sure to work as fast as I can without rushing this time.

Kingdom Hearts Ch.6-8

FBF Collab?

2007-10-29 22:46:58 by cobra0528

I was wondering if anyone would like to team up with me to do a frame-by-frame collab. Send me a private message if you would like to. I will further tell you about it then. Thank you